This Man is Asking for Help to Return the Medals of WW1 Royal Marine John Brashaw to His Decendants

The Victory Medal is a United Kingdom and British Empire First World War campaign medal. Source: Wikipedia/ Public Domain

David Wright was clearing out his mother’s house when he came across a soft, cloth bag hidden in a desk drawer. Wright was surprised, upon opening the bag, to find a WWI medal with the name “John William Brashaw” engraved on the side.

Wright’s father was a collector, and he is certain that his father found and purchased the medal at a car boot sale or a bric-a-brac shop.

Holding the medal in his hand, David Wright decided that he would try to find the family of John Brashaw and ensure that the medal was returned to his descendants. First, he tried telephoning the Brashaw families listed in the Sheffield telephone book but drew a blank on each one.

He then undertook a little more research and found John Brashaw’s service record, which shows that he was born in May 1899 and enlisted in the Royal Marines on the 1st August 1916. It also details where he served and who his commanding officers were, along with personal details of the man himself. John Brashaw fought and survived his time in the trenches and was discharged in 1918. His discharge address was given as 49 Eadon Rd, Attercliffe.

In an interview with The Star, Mr. Wright said, “I would like to return the medal, which is in excellent condition, to his descendants, especially as it is 100 years since the young man signed up, aged just 17.”

“It is an unusual surname so it should not be too difficult to find someone who might be able to help me.”

David Wright’s email address is

If you have any information that may assist David Wright to locate the relatives of John Brashaw, he asks you to contact him.


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE