Liverpool: Rector’s Curiosity Leads to the Discovery of “Time Capsule” Room

The curiosity of Rev. Dr. Crispin Palling of the St. Nicholas in Liverpool led to the discovery of a “time capsule” room – a room where time seemed to be suspended in between the 1930s and 1940s. – in the said church.

According to reports, The rector of Liverpool’s official Anglican church had in other times heard about the existence of such room. And just recently, he proved the rumors to be true when, upon seeing a trap door at the church’s ceiling, ventured through it. Beyond this trap door was place likened into a “time capsule”. There were vintage toys like a wooden car strewn about along with vintage packaging of hot chocolate product — all dated back to the WWII-era.

Reportedly, the room was used as a play area for the children of the church in those times. However, it was sealed out before St. Nicholas was bombed in the Second World War. Eventually, it was left sealed shut even through the reconstruction of the sanctuary.

Speaking in an interview, Reverend Palling attributed his discovery to the “time capsule” room to his curiosity. According to him, he found this hole in the ceiling and wanted to find out what was behind it adding that it seems just natural for human beings to be investigative like that.

He further stated that he had heard about the “time capsule” room before but of course, nobody had been able to come up that part of the church for at least seventy years so all the talks were just dubbed rumors until his discovery.

Some of the vintage toys found in the "time capsule" room - a Spitfire model and a classic toy train.
Some of the vintage toys found in the “time capsule” room – a Spitfire model and a classic toy train.

Other items contained in the room included a prayer book dating back to the First World War and, arguably the most remarkable piece among the finds, a book which bore the title “Annotations on the Holy Bible” stamped with the date 1696.

Accounts say that the church hopes to restore the “time capsule” room with all the finds inside it donated to the local museum.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE