The hunt to solve Hitler’s death continues

Decades after the fall of the Nazi era, stories about Adolf Hitler’s alleged escape from Berlin surfaced again stirring tales of horror of the past. Officially, the dictator was said to have claimed his own life. With him during his suicide was his long-time partner Eva Braun. But, these stories remain contested due to the mystery that surround his “death”.

Where are the bodies?

Why did Hitler wait until it was seemingly too late to escape?

Could he have joined his top lieutenants in South America?

In a new book, “Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany”, reporter Jerome Corsi boldly reveals answers that somehow resolve the questions that continue to nag the world.

Reviews claim that his work is foreseen to make a mark in the field. The book is written in an easy-to-read manner. The book presented the facts not in a technical researched manner in 138 pages. The book is available for anyone who wishes to glimpse back at the events that transpired after the Nazis raised the white flag and surrendered to the Allies.

Corsi takes readers into a journey tracing back the steps of Hitler from the crumbling alleys of the shrinking Third Reich in 1945, into the laboratories of forensic scientist and finally to reveal the truth behind the dark veil of international conspiracy. It raises issues that help clear this murky part of history including the involvement of certain U.S. agencies which aided in the escape of top Nazi officials from the Soviets. These disturbing events which occurred late April of 1945 are what make the book controversial.

His Third Reich was shrinking dramatically by the day. The successful Normandy landings the summer before had served as a very great and undeniable threat to Hitler, warning him of the inevitable defeat of the Nazis. Many of his top officials were already scampering to make their own escape from Hitler’s sinking ship. Corsi presents his points at the start of his tales.

The WND Diversions reports that Corsi plots his ideas into clever writing style starting his statements with phrases like, “Everyone knows …” then he provides a quick chronology that forms the official story, “Their bodies were taken, as Hitler had commanded, outside the bunker and doused with gasoline to be cremated in a shallow trench dug for that purpose in the garden of the Reich Chancellery, right outside the secret entrance to the bunker below,” leading his readers to read on and on until reaching the last leaf of the book.

Hitler’s Minister of Information and propaganda henchman, Josef Goebbels, had also committed suicide with his wife. The evils that possessed them even drove them to kill their own children beforehand. Did Hitler join his comrade to the afterlife?

Corsi also scrutinizes the tale of Hitler’s body being burned beyond recognition to see if there is any truth to the story. The tale went on to say that his remains eventually ended up in the Soviet Union. There were only a few people who had personal and firsthand knowledge of the alleged death of Hitler so no one can truly tell the difference between truth and myth.

The man who ordered the commission of genocides and mass murders across the globe died with his loss surrounded by enigma. The man who left a mark in history also left questions that continue to baffle and haunt the world.

Corsi also unearthed documents from the Russian archives. The files which were opened only in 2009, contested the story of Hitler’s death on April 30, 1945. He also organized the evidences objectively leading to a conclusion that all the evidences of Hitler’s suicide were planted and he could have very well escaped.

Among the evidences are dental records and “duplicate bridgework” which would have planned to be planted. “That any X-rays, dental records or back-up dentures were found in the Reich Chancellery dental office given the bomb damage from air and artillery, plus the vandalism the building suffered from Russian troops, strains credibility.”

Yet the possibility of Hitler’s flight from Germany only raised a string of relevant questions. Where did he go? How long did he live?

To note, top Nazis were reported to have sought sanctuary to places like Brazil and Argentina after escaping from the Allies. Israel also recorded the famous capture of high-profile Nazi Adolf Eichmann in 1960. Even with the fall of the Nazi era, these men did not cease to spread their ideologies at any given opportunity. But, what about Hitler? Did he join them in reliving a fallen cause?

Corsi said that Hitler’s escape is not news to some people. Juan Peron was said to have known. “It was never a mystery to Peron,” states Corsi. He then went on to say that, “At the end of the War, Eisenhower knew that Hitler had escaped, and he had the courage to say so, at least up until the time when he was preparing to run for president.”

Corsi also said that the conspiracy runs deep with Americans and other allies part of the effort to hide the truth. He said, “Truthfully, Hitler could not have escaped without the complicity of Allen Dulles in Switzerland and Juan Peron.”

Having told the world of Hitler’s suicide was an attempt to cover-up the truth and spare the Fuhrer of having to face a war crimes tribunal in the hope of avoiding “the creation of a Nazi martyr for future generations.”

So, some hoped. But, it only opened a Pandora’s box.



Siegphyl is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE