Jennifer Teegee: I Am the Granddaughter of The Butcher of Plaszow


Schindler’s List is an unadulterated look into the grizzly life within one of the concentration camps, Plaszow. The film depicts scenes of Amon Goeth, dubbed the Butcher of Plaszow, shooting Jewish prisoners with a shotgun from his balcony for sport.

The movie has been seen by millions since its release in 1993. However for one viewer, it would bring a harsh realization, the Daily Mail reports.

43 years ago, Monika Goeth, Amon’s illegitimate daughter, had an affair with a Nigerian student and it resulted in a baby girl. Fearing for the little girl’s life, Monika gave her baby up for adoption.

Jennifer Teegee is that daughter.

Jennifer never knew about her grandfather or the connection her birth mother had with him. Though she saw her mother on rare occasions, they never talked about Monika’s parents, Jennifer’s grandparents. It was only when Jennifer picked up a book that was written by Goeth’s illegitimate daughter she noticed the the woman looked like her own mother. When she read the book, she learned the truth.

Left: Jennifer Teegee, Center: Monika Goeth, Right: Amon "Butcher of Plaszow" Goeth
Left: Jennifer Teegee, Center: Monika Goeth,
Right: Amon “Butcher of Plaszow” Goeth

‘It was like the carpet was ripped out beneath my feet,’ said the 43-year-old, who is a mother of two living in Hamburg. ‘I had to go and lie down on a bench.’

When she finished the book, she came to the realization that her mixed race could have made her another body in her grandfather’s body count.

‘Now I know that, as I have black skin, he would have seen me as sub-human like the Jews he killed.’

Jennifer understands why her mother didn’t tell her about her heritage. Jennifer has said, ‘She was absolutely unable to cope with her own history. She wanted to protect me by keeping me in the dark about it.’

Jennifer, along with a co-writer, is working on a book called, “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me.” She often goes to the Oskar Schindler museum in Krakow, the villa in Plascow that her family owned, and also has laid flowers for the victims who were murdered under the command of her grandfather.

As intriguing as her maternal family is, Jennifer is also interested in learning about her paternal family as well.

Evette Champion

Evette Champion is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE