Did Hitler Really Commit Suicide?

Hitler essentially helped secure a win by the Allied powers when he committed suicide in April of 1945. Having survived an assassination plot and having been responsible for the deaths of millions, many were ready for his departure from this realm. Now, the FBI has released information which is very unsettling to those assured by his death. It seems, in fact, that Hitler may have remained very much alive having simply faked his suicide, moving to Argentina to escape a losing war.

It seems impossible that Hitler faked his suicide, as he was found by Russian soldiers who then transported his body to their home nation. If this is to be untrue, it means that he was not the only one acting in secret. For him to survive, he would have to have been in collusion with at least one of the Allied powers by the end of the war in 1945.

According to the files now opened by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a German submarine was seen making a Nazi personnel transport to Argentina shortly after the suicide. The files also suggest that these personnel were alive at the foot of the Andes with complete awareness by the United States. This, in combination with the fact that other files suggest Hitler never actually killed himself, is shocking to those who feel they know their government.

This information all comes from an unidentified informant who was granted amnesty for what he knew of Hitler. Their information suggests that Argentina not only knew about, but supported, the dictator’s decision to hide out in their lands. While it does seem convenient for the informant to gain amnesty for information that stands against what most know to be true, he seemed to know specific details about the faked suicide as well as the exact location of the dictator’s residence in Argentina, the Red Flag News reports.

The fact that Hitler committed suicide is one generally only questioned by conspiracy theorists, but this information from the FBI is disturbing to many who would not normally question what they read in their history books. This is not a completely new plausibility, as the corpse obtained by the Soviets has been tested before and did not appear to be genuine. Now that the FBI has released eyewitness testimonies, architectural plans for the home he moved into, and information that apparently was given to them decades ago, the theory is moving frighteningly close to fact. The most frightening notion potentially revealed is that not only did Hitler probably not commit suicide, but his escape may have been aided by the FBI itself.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE