‘High Hitler’ – a drug history of the ‘Fuehrer’

There is something strange and eerie about the way Adolf Hitler carried himself; everything about him was mysterious and odd. Now, recently discovered historic documents suggest that Hitler was using several drugs at one time.

Hitler was seen by his followers as some sort of superhuman, with his command and control over the masses and over his subordinates. But discovery of some historic classified documents, which include Hitler’s medical records, show that his larger-than-life image could have been a product of drug abuse.  Documents also reveal that the ‘Fuehrer’ was suffering from a number of mental and physical ailments. But what drove him to the edge of madness was his stress and depression.

His personal physician, Dr Theodore Morell, kept a record of Hitler’s medical history and details of the drugs he was given by Dr Morell. Documents reveal that Dr Morell struggled to treat his sickness, though he tried every possible combination of drugs.

Hitler publically admitted to only one sickness, which he said he suffered from when he was gassed during World War I. The reason Hitler did that was to gain sympathy and cement his heroic image in the minds of ordinary Germans. In reality, he was suffering from a number of ailments: he was literally a very ‘sick’ man.

The Fuehrer needed a regular supply of medications and herbal remedies to function. Records show that at one time he was using more than 70 combinations of various drugs. Some of them included highly addictive drugs and hallucinogens. He was also taking a variety of exotic concoctions and homemade mixtures.

Dr Morell’s records show that at one time he even used leeches on Hitler – a treatment that was in practice in medieval societies. When that didn’t work he admitted to use other drugs on him, some of them are used on animals to put them to sleep. These discoveries explain a lot about Hitler’s irrational approach and supercharged speeches, the Inquisitr reports.

As World War II progressed and fighting became intense on all fronts, Hitler plunged deeper into his depression; consequently, Dr. Morell had to increase the strength and dosage of his drug intake. Hitler was also using a number of drugs to perform better in bed, including a homemade remedy that Morell made using bull semen.

In the later years of the WWII, Hitler got hooked on a form of amphetamine called Pervitin. Germans during that time used Pervitin quite frequently. Hitler supposedly liked this drug and used it until his last days. During the siege of Berlin by the Soviet Union’s Red Army, Hitler allowed Dr Morell to escape, which he did. Later, on 30th April 1945, recent history’s most vicious tyrant put a bullet through his own head. Perhaps he thought that this might cure him, but in reality it rid the world of a mass murderer.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE