Government Urged To Remember the Spitfire Workers and Crews with New Monument

The Member of the British Parliament has urged the government to fund a national memorial to the Spitfire fighter that was the star of the Battle of Britain.

Royston Smith, who is the Member for Southampton Itchen, said the £4m memorial to the plane would be an appropriate tribute to those who flew and worked on the World War Two fighters.

The memorial would feature a statue of the aircraft in Mayflower Park, overlooking Woolstone where the plane was constructed.

The planned 131 ft (40 meters) stainless steel replica will be 1.5 times the dimensions of the actual plane.

Smith told fellow MPs during a debate at Westminster Hall the famous plane was a representation of freedom.

In a world separated and disturbed, the Spitfire reminds Britons of how they stood up against Fascism and triumphed, he said.

The aircraft was conceived by RJ Mitchell at the Supermarine Spitfire factory in Woolston.  Thousands were made.

The factory was also the reason most of Southampton was demolished by German bombing during the conflict.

Smith said the government’s support could come from Libor fines imposed over inter-bank lending, BBC News reported.

Efforts to raise funds for the statue using crowdfunding have thus far failed to raise the cash required.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE