Glenn Beck’s Verdict: Lone Survivor is “the best war film I’ve ever seen”

Fox News Commentator Glenn Beck declares that the movie, Lone Survivor, is the “best war film ever made”. (Photograph courtesy of Footer)

Famous Fox News commentator Glenn Beck was simply awestruck. In fact, he claims that the movie, Lone Survivor, may be “the best war film ever made”.

The film is based on the book, Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, by former United States Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. The book tells of real events experienced by Luttrell in 2005 during an operation against the Taliban.

The Blaze reports that the movie is scheduled for release on January 10 next year. But, Glenn Beck had the privilege of seeing the film last Sunday with the hero himself, Luttrell.

“If you think the guy’s a hero now, wait until you see the movie. Wait until you see the movie. I mean, it’s — it’s the best war film I’ve ever seen.”

Beck initially thought that the makers of the film from Hollywood would fall short in showing the real drama and spirit behind the story. After reading the book and seeing the movie, he remarked, “Boy, did they get it right.” And Beck was apparently moved by the story and the film.

“I’ve read the book. I’ve talked to Marcus about it … man to man or, you know, weenie to man and — until you’ve seen it, you have no idea what it was like. More importantly, I will tell you that I have more respect for Marcus Luttrell than I did before I went to see the movie,” he said.

Film Independent At LACMA Screening And Q&A Of "Lone Survivor"
Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell (left) is the inspiration behind the movie, Lone Survivor. The movie, which is to be released next year, is starred by Mark Wahlberg (right) who plays the navy hero. (Photograph courtesy of insidemovies)

Beck also related that he was humbled before Luttrell’s presence. When the movie ended, he found it difficult to look at Luttrell in the eyes.

“It took me about 20 minutes before I could even speak. I was sitting next to Marcus and I was in a room full of SEALs, and Marcus wasn’t there the whole time. He came in towards the end and sat down next to his wife and my wife. I was on the other end and I couldn’t even talk to him about it… hours after the movie,” Beck emotionally said.

He further related that he could not hide how overwhelmed he was with emotion that he gave Luttrell a hug and a note to his hands after the advanced screening of the movie.

The note said, “This is the most humble thing I have ever seen a man do for his friends. I’m humbled to know you.”

Beck also expressed his respect to the makers of the movie who made sure the story would be told to the general public and to the future generations.

He said that Hollywood did justice to Luttrell’s story. The movie, according to him, will also “immortalize” the story and pay tribute to the Navy SEALs who bravely fought side-by-side Luttrell.

“Here’s a man who has spent all of his time doing two things: starting the Lone Survivor Foundation, which helps our returned vets and helps families, and two, (trying to) tell their story and tell it right,” Beck added.

“Never would I expect Hollywood to be able to get that story right, but they did,” he finally said.




Siegphyl is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE