Was George Patton Assassinated by Russians? WWII Film Suggests So

A WWII film in the making, Silence Patton: First Victim of the Cold War, puts the notion forward that General George Patton was silenced since his opinions did not flow along with the state of affairs, according to its director.

The WWII movie which is set to be released next year points the case that General George Patton, who died three months after the Second World War ended, was murdered. Conceivably, the KGB did the deed as he was so blunt about his being against the former Soviet Union and Communism.

The full-length movie with the working title Silence Patton: First Victim of the Cold War is the work of writer and director Robert Orlando. Orlando’s most recent film is Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe which had been released last April 15, Tuesday, via VCI/Cinedigm.

General George Patton died in a hospital on December 21, 1945. His death was brought about by complications he was suffering from the accident he was into three weeks earlier prior to his passing. The car where he was riding as a passenger was smacked by a two-ton truck. However, the other three who were with him only sustained mild injuries.

Before his untimely death, General George Patton had made many enemies. The then leaders not only of USSR but of USA and Britain as well were irked at him for being so mistrustful of Joseph Stalin who was then the leader of the former and was US and Britain’s ally during the Second World War.

Allied leaders (Russia, US and Britain) during the Tehran Conference, 1945.
Allied leaders (Russia, US and Britain) during the Tehran Conference, 1945. Photo: Wikimedia

General George Patton had even reportedly said at one point that Washington’s tin politicians kicked out “the hell out of one bastard” – that is Adolf Hitler. But then, they also forced the people to help another one (pertaining to Joseph Stalin) who, in his belief, is evil or even more evil than the German Nazi dictator.

In Silence Patton’s website, director Orlando put up the argument that General Dwight Eisenhower prevented General George Patton along with his Third Army from advancing into Berlin. This tactic resulted to the war being extended several months. It also allowed Soviet’s Red Army to be the one to take over the Nazi capital.

The write-up in the website further went on to ask these unsettling questions: could what others have been saying about the seemingly weird collision which happened between the car carrying General George Patton and an Army truck being deliberate true? or worse, was General George Patton a victim of an assassin’s bullet at the bidding of his peers?

According to the director in an interview with THR, General George Patton’s story had interested him ever since he wrote an essay about the WWII general in his fifth grade.

He went on to say that General George Patton is a prominent figure who did great deeds in shaping the west’s history. His aim at making the WWII film was to show to the viewers that the general was silenced as his views did not meet eye-to-eye with the status quo.

Silence Patton is not the first movie about the controversial general. There had been a number of TV and movie projects about him over the years. The most notable one is the 1970 movie Patton which starred George C. Scott as the lead. It went on to win seven Oscars including the Best Picture.

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Heziel Pitogo

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