On His Final Journey, This Word War Two Veteran Receives An Honorable Escort

The long journey home started and ended April 9 in Little Rock, AR., for World War Two veteran Robert D. Brooks. His ashes were taken from New York and discovered in March inside a luggage container in Prairie County.

Patriot Guard Riders accompanied the ashes of PFC Robert Brooks, looked upon by Veteran riders lining the streets.

His generation has a great appreciation for the Second World War generation, said Vietnam War veteran, Dwight Witcher. Commandant for Marine Corps League Larry Beyette said he considered it important for not only the current generation but also those of the future as well, to show respect to those who died.

Guard Riders will travel through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi transporting Brook’s ashes to his family.

Korean War veteran Herbert Page said the service attracts attention and coaches Americans to understand the country’s military history.

More bikers are expected to join as they honor the veteran’s service to the country, THV11 reported.

Good and bad things can happen to people, said Beyette. For good things to occur, he thinks each person has to make sacrifices at numerous levels.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE