FBI Files Reveals Winston Churchill’s Secret Bid to Nuke Russia to Win Cold War


A newly released document has revealed that Britain’s war-time leader, Winston Churchill compelled the United States to launch a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union in order to win the Cold War.

Churchill believed proactively launching a strike attack against Stalin’s Russia was the only way to stop the Soviets Union’s Communism from dominating the West. As such, he pressed on American Senator Styles Bridges to convince President Harry Truman to attack Russia with nuclear weapons. The American politician visited the UK in 1947 and Churchill made his opinions known to him. The never-before-seen document is from the FBI records and gives comprehensive information about the request which Churchill believed was the only way to win the Cold War.

The memo, written by an FBI agent, states that Churchill insisted the Right-wing Republican Senator Styles Bridges convince President Harry Truman so America can launch a nuclear attack on Russia. According to Churchill, Kremlin would we wiped out and the Soviet Union would become a very easy problem for the west to deal with.

Since Russia did not successfully test its atomic bomb until 1949, the country would have been helpless and defenceless if a nuclear attack was launched against them at the time.

During the Second World War, Britain and the Soviet Union were allies. This relationship lasted until 1945, the same year Churchill lost office as the British Prime Minister. However, as an international statesman, he was the first to be aware of the risk the Soviet Union posed on the west. As such, in 1946, he made a famous speech in Fulton, Missouri where he spoke about the ‘iron curtain’that has taken over Europe as Joseph Stalin consolidated his control on Eastern Europe.

The FBI memo shows how deep Churchill’s hatred against Russian was that he did not mind allowing hundreds of thousands of Soviet civilians to die through nuclear attack during the Cold War, even though both countries were former allies during the Second World War, the Mail Online reports.

According to the FBI files, Churchill pointed out the only way for global civilisation to continue was for the President of the United States to declare that Russia was endangering world peace and strike it with nuclear weapons. He claimed that dropping an atomic bomb in Kremlin in order to wipe out the inhabitants and make them directionless would make it easier to manage Russia’s balance during the Cold War.

Churchill allegedly stated that if the US fails to attack Russia with a nuclear strike during the Cold War, it will give the country enough time to complete the development of its own atomic bomb that it’ll use to attack America within the next 2 or 3 years and then modern civilisation will be erased or sent backward with many years.

The contents of the memo have been published in a book titled, “When Lions Roar: The Churchills And The Kennedys”. It is the first time it is being published and was written by Thomas Maier, an award-winning investigative journalist. Its UK publication is expected to be in December 2014. Churchill was regarded as a national hero by John F. Kennedy. As such, he was made an honorary American citizen in 1963. Churchill was the first individual to be conferred such an honour

Both families had mutual friends, such as Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate that got married to Jacqueline Kennedy after the assassination of her husband.

According to Maier, witnessing war from the First World War made Churchill a great historian of warfare who campaigned for the development of tanks. As such, a nuclear attack on Russia was just an advancement of normal warfare. It was later that he realised nuclear weapons are capable of causing a lot more damages.

Maier believed being out of office made Churchill more ‘bellicose’ and that a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union was never talked about again after he regained power in 1951 while the Cold War was still ongoing.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE