English Family Builds a Battlefield for the Great War at Norwich Home

An English family has built a World War one Battlefield at their home in Norwich. In order to create scenes to observe the 100th anniversary of World War One also known as the Great War, the Harvey kids, Ethan and Reuben took all the souvenirs their family have collected from the War period and built a battlefield with it. Some of the memorabilia that were included in the family’s collection are medals and a rifle.

But the Harvey kids did not just build something small for children to play with. They actually erected a full battlefield site in the garden of their home in Norwich, England. And according to reports from itv.com, the field has become a popular area for the Harvey children (Ethan and Reuben) to play and have the Great War experience.

The battlefield has a tower that you can look out from, a barbed wire, a monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers, as well as sandbags. Ethan and Reuben have also gathered a huge collection of the Great War artefacts that includes uniforms of military men, medals, as well as rifle, according the reports by ITV, the Daily News reports.

The two English children said they’ve always been interested in military history and believed the upcoming centenary celebration was an important opportunity to observe the event in a special kind of way. Alleging some of the soldiers that battled at the Great War were about the same age as he was, 14-year-old Ethan Harvey told ITV it was frightening to imagine he could have been in their shoes. He added that he did not know how he would have managed it if he was in such a situation.

The Harvey children’s interest in the Great World is alleged to have been inspired from the fact that, Frank Williams,their great-great-grandfather was a British soldier during the war. He was among the British Army cavalry regiment, the 15th Royal Hussars that were deployed to fight in the 1914 Battle of Mons, reported ITV.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE