Dr. Phil Leveque: PTSD And the Other Ultimate Sacrifices

Dr. Phil entered the war late, towards the end of the Second World War and many soldiers from his company and his battalion died; many were killed in front of him. He still finds it difficult to remember, now, 68 years later. This is what he calls PTSD.

As strange as it might seem to people, there are certain things worse than the war itself and worse than death and many of Dr. Phil’s fellow Combat Infantrymen suffer from it today. Concerned about the VA treatment of injured former servicemen, mainly those who have PTSD, Dr. Phil asks himself if the V-A stands for Veterans-Assassination, or Veterans-Abomination, judging from what it’s going on at this time. The doctor is convinced that the VA has killed and it is killing more veterans than during World War II due to bad drug treatment or no treatment at all.

“The Army Infantry and the Marines brainwash their men to be psychopathic killers,” said the doctor, and then they would send them in missions and they would tell them to kill the enemy. For most of the men it came like a shock but the concept had to remain in their heads. If they didn’t do as they were ordered , they were either sent to be a point man, or to lead an attack, or a Scout seeking for trouble or a Forward Observer, all of which were real suicide missions.

What really all this seems to be about is the bad medical service, that they keep on denying to Veterans/PTSD sufferers. Over 1 million PTSD Veterans have been refused treatment and any medical support. Out of this group, at least 200,000 vets live on the streets, under bridges or sleep on the sidewalk, have nothing to eat and have no clothes, the SALEM-NEWS.com reports.

For this reason, many vets turn to alcohol, one thing they were taught during their training; then comes the tobacco addiction, again learnt during training, followed by cocaine and meth, which helps them forget for a little while.

While psychotherapy seems to be a good start for people with an early stage of PTSD, it is not effective for everyone. The latest research has shown that for the more aggressive cases, pharmacotherapy especially with Cannabis works best and most of the PTSD Vets have discovered this. However, the US Government and the VA refuse to adopt this method.

What PTSD sufferers can endure if not treated:

  • Alcoholism
  • Suicide
  • Murders
  • Divorce
  • Drug addiction
  • Tobacco death
  • Spousal abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Jail time
  • Penitentiary time
  • Auto accidents
  • Homelessness

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE