Dodge Challenger SRT 392 Car Has Military-Themed WWII Plane Shark Teeth

The Classic 'Sharks Teeth' Design, seen here on fighter planes.
The Classic 'Sharks Teeth' Design, seen here on fighter planes.

You probably think that with the sudden increase of the so-called liquid car wrap industry, the vinyl car wrap section of the market has lost some of its hold. Well, that school of thought is very far from the truth.

In fact, we would like to tell you about the latest example of a wrap that will easily mesmerize an aficionado. You can see some fantastic images by clicking on the website URL at the end of the article.  What you will see is the amazing Dodge ‘Challenger Fighter’.

The owner of this Dodge Challenger SRT 392 gave the auto this nickname.  And this nickname seems only fitting, as you can easily see the World War II Fighter theme with the Shark Teeth on the vinyl wrap of the car.

Then there are the additional details on the rest of the car – the luggage section, for instance, which comes with a US-themed air suspension system or the camouflage image engine compartment that houses the wicked HEMI heart of this automotive monster – that you will immediately notice the exaggerated military theme of this machine.

The design for this eye-opening vinyl wrap comes from digital artist Skepple, whose creations are becoming increasingly featured and whose popularity is rising quickly.  Again by clicking on the website at the end of the article you can see three other vehicles whose skin-styling is also designed by Skepple.

These images are made available from the photo shoot that took place in Las Vegas.  At this year’s version of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) automotive trade show, you’ll be able to see some, if not all, the Mopar vinyl wrap vehicles.

And since all the aggression exhibited by such an amazing vinyl wrap would mean nothing without a proper demonstration of the mighty machine’s matching horsepower, we’ve added a few goodies that you can see in the videos on the website. For instance, the ravenous burnout video might be just enough of an exhibit of the power of the ‘Challenger Fighter.’

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Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE