Details Leak About Newest “Call of Duty” Game – It May Be Set In World War Two

Fans are looking forward to the next installment of the “Call of Duty” franchise. Recent leaks indicate that the newest game, currently known as “Call of Duty 2017,” will be set in World War II.

If the leaks are correct, then the new game will be a return to the series’ roots. TheFamilyVideoGamers released information on YouTube that the new game will be called “Call of Duty: WWII. They claim to have close ties to Sledgehammer, who is developing the game. Besides leaking the setting and the title, the source showed off steelbook case mockups.

The rumor lines up with a statement made by Activision during the “Call of Duty” earnings report. During that call, the company said that they were taking the games “back to their roots” in 2017.

Fans believe that this is due to the unhappiness many of them have expressed about the futuristic setting the latest games have featured. Specifically, the sci-fi setting of “Infinite Warfare” was not popular with players.

Activision hasn’t confirmed anything, but they are expected to be giving details in the coming months. “Call of Duty” games typically launch in November every year. Last year’s early leaks of “Infinite Warfare” information came as a surprise to players, Ecumenical News reported.

Activision has many developers working on “Call of Duty” titles, working on a rotating schedule. This year is Sledgehammer’s turn. Sledgehammer is the crew behind “Advanced Warfare” in 2014.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE