Cuban Ex-President Fidel Castro Criticizes NATO

Many have differing views of former Cuban president Fidel Castro, especially in the United States where there has been an embargo against Cuba since 1960. Not surprisingly, the former Cuban leader has his own views of the United States and their policies. These views recently came to light as both the United States and Europe became the subjects of harsh criticism by Fidel Castro, who had some choice words regarding the NATO alliance.

The Cuban ex-president compared the NATO to Hitler’s Nazis, and claimed that Europe and the United States are essentially encouraging military conflict. It may be no surprise that the former communist leader took issue with the capitalist West, but he also accused Europe of trying to achieve worldwide imperialism. Fidel Castro claims that the European Union’s recent disputes with Russia stem from Russia’s attempts to end European imperialism, and that Europe is being led by America in the continuation of such policies. In the same statement, he criticized American politicians such as John McCain for aligning their sympathies with Israel in the midst of the Middle East crisis, the Yahoo News reports.

The former leader was not simply criticizing McCain for siding with Israel, but rather using this as a springboard to discuss more of what he considers to be imperialist policies. According to Fidel Castro, McCain is partially responsible for the growth of Mossad, and the support of politicians such as McCain has led to the proliferation of the Islamic State in nations such as Iraq and Syria.

His comparison of NATO to the Nazi regime is largely based on his perceptions of greed. He believes that NATO is overly aggressive, and that NATO representatives are lacking in glory and worthy of ridicule. Fidel Castro even stated that the mannerisms and speaking style of NATO officials is similar to that of the Nazis. He believes that NATO is a bourgeois organization that is destined to the same undignified failure experienced by Hitler and his regime, and that NATO has become the laughingstock of the entire world.

After a long run of power, Fidel Castro relinquished his position in 2006. Due to health problems, he gave the position to his brother Raul. He has still remained active in the political world, though now he dedicates his efforts to writing and sharing his views on world politics. The comments made by Fidel Castro have been deemed fairly controversial, offending some United States citizens who disagree with his own practices as the former leader of Cuba.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE