China Adds A Gigantic New Warship To Its Navy

China’s newest warship in appearance and details sounds formidable. The first type 005 destroyer – displacing 14,000 tons – is expected to slide down the slips in 2017 or 2018.

The bow section shows a pronounced hydrodynamic hull, enhanced for high speed, coupled with stealth characteristics such as slanted gunwales (the upper edge of the hull sides) and an apparently covered deck.

The stern, which will have the components for the helicopter twin hangar attached afterward, has at least four gateways for weapons like towed array sonar, current and potential future sensors, changeable depth sonar.

It will also have active torpedo defenses such as towed torpedo replicas, signifying that the ship will have considerable anti-submarine potential.

Based on the landlocked “ground warship” electronics test apparatus at Wuhan, the warship will possess four sizeable AESA radars for 360-degree scanning.

It will also possess the accompanying command and control services to control its large store of up to 128 vertical launch system (VLS) cells, artillery and electronic warfare systems against enemy dangers, in addition to multi-purpose joint performances with other Chinese equipment.

By surrounding various detectors and communications aerials in a unified mast, the design also improves stealth capability.

The Type 055’s large displacement permits it to house multiple helicopters or in the future many drones or unmanned underwater and surface carriers, Popular Science reported.

The ship’s hefty size might be important for carrying consumables and other supplies for deployment internationally.

Though not in the plan now, the size also offers the capability for future advancement such as integrated electrical thrust and, eventually, next generation weapons.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE