Chieftain Tank MK10 for sale

On eBay we found this fantastic Chieftain for sale:

This 1970 MK10 Chieftain tank is complete inside and out.

(Gun and armaments deactivated, Main gun cannot be recommissioned, Turret is powered and will traverse and elevate on power)

(To all the serious watchers. Stop thinking about it and make a sensible offer. You never know!)

Externally it has all the boxes and cages fitted. The search light is in place and appears to be complete, though we have not tested it. Smoke dischargers are fitted. Nothing is rusted through, though some areas would benefit from a touch up. The running gear is all good and has been regularly checked for oil and grease. The wheels are all in a good, roadworthy condition. The track in itself is excellent though the pad is a bit rough now but is still good for road use. 

The main engine is in excellent condition and so is the generator engine. The hydraulic start doesn’t quite engage but does try so should only require a basic mechanical fix; it’s something we’ve not got around to doing ourselves. The main engine starts very easily on the batteries.

The gear box works fine – all gears select up and down, as do the emergency gears. The oil in the gear box is still gold. It’s got new steering discs and pads fitted, the hydraulic fluid for the braking and steering was changed at the same time as the steering discs, so now it steers easily. It’s got four recent main engine batteries and everything charges without a problem.

There are no oil or exhaust leaks. It doesn’t take ages to run up and will idle happily straight after start up if you want it to and it sounds gorgeous.


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