Canadian Who Fought As US Soldier And Buried With The Enemy Is Finally Transported Home

The repatriation of remains of a soldier from the Second World War have finally commenced. Arriving in Wisconsin, the body of Private First Class Lawrence Gordon is close to arriving at its new final resting place. In the town of Viroqua, Wisconsin, Gordon’s repatriated remains have been honored by many citizens who are excited to see the body of a Canadian soldier being transported through the United States.

At the time of his death during the Second World War, Gordon’s body was initially overlooked in the chaos of battle. When he was finally buried, his body was buried in the wrong cemetery altogether. This caused a fair amount of confusion, and his family was never certain as to his body’s fate. His repatriated remains are now on their way to righting that wrong. After the current stop in Wisconsin, Gordon will commence his journey until he arrives in Canada, where he is to be buried in the town in which he grew up. His body is currently being transported by way of a horse-drawn carriage, which is partly for show as he is honored by Americans.

The stop in Wisconsin makes a great deal of sense when taking into consideration how the Canadian soldier’s body was found in the first place. It was a documentary filmmaker from Wisconsin who lent a hand in the discovery of the now repatriated remains, when he did some research on his family’s war service and became intrigued with the missing body of Private First Class Gordon. After a great deal of research, Gordon was found to have been buried among German soldiers, the Journal Sentinel reports.

The Wisconsin stop was a highly celebrated event. Bagpipes were played, a number of Patriot riders oversaw the body, and dozens of spectators showed their faces. Finally, the repatriated remains of Private First Class Lawrence Gordon were moved to another vehicle, intended to take the body to Canada where Gordon will be buried in his native soil. All who were able paid their respects before this last step was taken, as Gordon was living in Wyoming at the time of the war.

Though a Canadian soldier, Gordon fought for American troops. The burial of his repatriated remains is highly anticipated. He was certainly not the only Allied soldier to have been buried overseas following the war, but he is one of the most recent to be discovered. His repatriated remains are to be buried on the seventieth anniversary of his passing.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE