Bill the man of strong will

Second World War veteran paratrooper Bill made his final jump at the age of 93. Bill is a man of strong will whose target achieving capacity has always surprised his friends and family. Bill’s children, grand children and great grand children have played sports in college as well as professionally. Bill is active and has an athletic body type along with his two Pilate classes per week; Bill regularly goes to a local gym. Simultaneously, he also works as a volunteer for three nights per week for families at a local home which have children in hospital. He works there mainly in the kitchen, for cleaning, serving meals and also for anything else.

Bill wished to do a final jump during the day of his service. However, at this time no one supported him for this because of his health problems and increasing age. But as he was very passionate to make a last jump he asked his friends to upload his wish of last jumping on the internet so that people could see it and may come forward to help him in fulfilling his wish. His idea of putting his wish on internet clicked and he gained a huge support from the public. There were people who were willing to pay for his jump, some of them wished to jump with him. Some even wanted to make a documentary of his jump. Then there were others who wanted to come and encourage him on the day of the jump.

Though he was highly obliged to those who forwarded support to fulfil his wish but he followed what his friends suggested. He went to the first para trooping place he called, he told the time and place of his jump only to five people and he himself paid for the jump. This time to avoid publicity of his jump he stayed away from television interviews, news papers and magazines, the WZTV FOX17 reports.

Following his jump he made sure he took a photo with his hat and asked one of his friends to post it on the internet thanking all his supporters.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE