Battlefield 1 Lets You Fly Over the Chaos of WWI Trench Warfare – Playing as a Carrier Pigeon (Video)

Check out the Pigeon Scene and 20 full minutes of campaign action from Battlefield 1 below.

More snippets of Battlefield 1’s campaign are coming out and it looks amazing. We already know that you play in nearly every theater as different characters. These range from a tank operator to a Bedouin warrior fighting with Lawrence of Arabia, an ANZAC soldier at Gallipoli and a pilot.

Well, in one of the tank segments the player takes a brief role as a carrier pigeon.

It seems that the player’s tank has gotten stuck in the mud and the Germans have the mighty vehicle surrounded. It is only a matter of time before they force their way in, so the tank crew has to make the decision to send a carrier pigeon out from the tank. It would bring orders to headquarters to shell the tank’s immediate area.

It is a tense scene as the tank may well be destroyed along with the crew, but the men had to do something about the multitudes of enemy overrunning their position. Here is that short video:

If you want to know what happens after that artillery strike, we have that video too. The second video is actual gameplay, not a cinematic where the player simply watches. Here we can see the character guide the tank through the forest, mud, fog and multiple enemy positions and barbed wire barricades. Watch that whole 20-minute clip below:

So in some of our first long looks at the gameplay, the realities of it being a game set in. There is a really nice bayonet charging ability in the game, giving players a boost of speed and tunnel vision to be able to bayonet an enemy before they can get many shots off. It is a great mechanic that had its moments in the multiplayer beta, but it looks a little comical when the player in the demo here misses horribly a few times.

The tank needs several repairs from the player through the mission, and it would have been nice to put in something a little more complex than a simple wrench-turning to fix the tank.

Other than a few things, the campaign looks amazing. The sounds feel real and engaging, with the roar of the engines and every detail of the guns, from firing to reloading, sounding perfect. The gameplay looks fun, with a few ways seemingly available to get the job done.

Battlefield 1 looks to have a very grounded campaign with a believably serious tone, something that has been lacking from many first person shooter games in recent years and something that the Battlefield franchise has especially struggled with.

William Mclaughlin

William Mclaughlin is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE