Antiquier returned the lost diary to WWII veteran soldier

Veteran soldier Gordon Lecair finally received his lost diary which contained the detailed experience of his life and service during the Second World War.

This diary was kept on a shelf of Peny Lane Antique Shop in Bellingham. Brittany Nave went there with her grandmother, Betty Nave. From there, the diary was found by Brittany Nave who then bought it for $10. On the cover of the diary is written “My life in the service.” After going through its pages, she came to know about the owner of the diary and its historical importance. She then decided to return the diary to its rightful owner, The Spokesman-Review reports.

The first page of the diary contains the picture of the President Franklin Roosevelt and the last one contains the picture of Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur. Motivating quotes are written all throughout the margins. The pages also contain the obituary of Lecair’s wife, Cleo, who died in 2010. This obituary helped Brittany obtain the existing address of Gordon Lecair in hopes to return the property.

During the time of war, writing wasencouraged among the soldiers by the government so that they could keep a record of the day by day war times incidents.

Presently, Gordon lives in Belfair.  Though Brittany knew this, she was still unsure on how to get in touch with him. She took the help of Kitsap Sun’s Facebook page where she asked people to contact her if they know the whereabouts of Gordon Lecair. This idea proved to be successful, and with the help of local people of Belfair, it became possible for her to get in touch with Gordon Lecair. Later on before Christmas, both of them met each other and the diary was retured.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE