Dramatic Photos that Capture Scenes of Vietnam Released 50 Years Since the War

The Vietnam War is one of the dramatic tales of conflict in the history not just in Indochina but in America. American involvement in this long, costly and controversial war has made it impossible to bury the incidents that transpired in the soils of Vietnam and the lives that were claimed from both sides.

Fifty years after the conflict sparked one of the most epic wars fought by both sides, those who were not in the front-lines get a glimpse of the day-to-day events during the war. The photographs that captured in detail the historic event could be attributed to the bravery of photojournalists who risked life and limb for the world to get to see the story from the insiders’ eye view.

The Saigon bureau of the Associated Press recently shared the photographs numbering over 300. Each photo tells a story of the soldiers of those who fought the war. Teeming with various emotions, the photographs also all together tell the powerful drama of the lives caught in struggle of life and death in war, the Daily Mail reports.

These photographs are pooled together in the book, “Vietnam, The Real War”. Among the highlight pictures that caught the sentiments of many across the globe are the photos of a burning monk captured by Malcolm Browne, young Vietnamese children running in tears from a napalm bomb attack captured by Nick Ut, and a Viet Cong officer shot in the streets photographed by Eddie Adams.

The historical coverage of the Vietnam War earned good reviews and renowned awards including six Pulitzers, four of which are awarded for photography. The Mail Online also reports that Writer Pete Hamill gave a tribute to the photographers who braved the bullets, bombs and challenged death for the world to see the truth of the war in the images.

“Across the years of the war in Vietnam, the AP photographers saw more combat than any general. This book shows how good they were… From Vietnam, photographers taught the world how to see the war,” shares Hamill in his touching tribute.

The Mail Online also reports that the book was published on October 1 by Abrams Books in the US and Canada. The book was published by Abrams & Chronicle Books in the UK.

The publication of the book was announced in line with an exhibition at the Steven Kasher Gallery in Manhattan. The gallery of the historic photographs is open from October 24 to November 26.

Here are some of the revealing photographs found in the book.

Vietnam, The Real War shows photographs that capture the drama of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War coverage were made by brave photojournalists of AP.
Vietnam, The Real War shows photographs that capture the drama of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War coverage were made by brave photojournalists of AP.
US Army helicopters rain bullets and bombs against advancing Vietnamese ground troops eighteen miles north of Tay Ninh near the Cambodian border, March 1965.
Photograph taken by German photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Horst Faas).
Horror: This iconic image shows police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan about to execute Viet Cong officer Nguyen Van Lem on the street in Saigon
Police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan holds a gun against Viet Cong officer Nguyen Van Lem. The arbitrary execution happened in the streets of Saigon.
Screams: Young children run away from the site of a napalm attack on a suspected Viet Cong base in 1972
Children scream and cry in a desperate attempt to flee from a napalm attack on a suspected Viet Cong stronghold.
A monk, Quang Duc, burns himself voluntarily and knowingly in protest against the persecution of the Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government on June 11, 1963.
(The photograph was taken by Malcolm Wilde Browne, Pulitzer Prize Winner and American Journalist.)


Siegphyl is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE