Adolf Hitler’s Toilet Is Up For Sale

The toilet, which was found last year in full working condition, is going to be sold by its current owner, Mr Greg Kohfeldt, from New Jersey. After having been uninstalled from Hitler’s Aviso Grille yacht, from his throne room on the luxury 433ft long boat, it somehow ended up in a scrapheap in Florence, New Jersey.

Hitler used the 1935 built yacht regularly, as it was the largest of its type at that times. But the men who work at Greg’s Auto Repair in Florence, where the toilet was found, still use it everyday. It was previously found by another man in 1951, in a scrapyard.

Greg Kohfeldt admitted on receiving an invitation to sell his fabulous item on TV, during a TV show dedicated to this kind of ‘rare and unusual antiques’. However, he said, one of the presenters called him evil for intending to sell it. Kohfeldt wasn’t happy to find out that the episode featuring his sale was never broadcast, but he still had to disconnect the toilet, in order to take it there. He said the item is in perfect working condition and insisted that the Germans knew what they were doing when they built things like that at the time.

He is ready to take on a good offer. Not many people have used such objects as himself, he said, referring to the most dangerous man in history and his throne.  Other parts of the luxurious Aviso Grille yacht can be found in the city as follows: the map table is owned by the local Veterans Association, while the yacht’s wheel has been hanged up in an old man’s den.

People put their hands on everything they could and the lucky one who discovered the toilet, was the guy who built the Auto Repair service garage in Florence. “There are some words in German on the toilet but nothing else to indicate that the most evil of cheeks were spread upon its seat,” said Greg.

Many times people would pass by and come in just to see the thing and have a look around, but there has never been an admission fee charged to visitors, the Mail Online reports.

Hitler named his boat ‘The White Swan’ and he used to travel a lot aboard the luxurious yacht. He even planed to cruise it up the River Thames to accept Britain’s surrender if he was to win the Second World War.

‘How many people can say they have Hitler’s toilet?’ is what the owner would like to ask you.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE