The 1942 Holocaust

“It was very touching for me to be here and see Helena again. It’s something I couldn’t imagine until now – and it’s happening.” These were the words spoken by Mira Wexler, a Jewish lady on meeting her childhood Christian friend Helena Weglowski who saved her from German Holocaust in 1942. Mira Wexler described her escape from the Germans as a miracle.

It was more than 70 years ago when Helena saved Mira who was then six years old and her mother from the Nazi Germans. Both Mira and Helena are now reunited on the purpose of Thanksgiving organised by The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous. This organisation honour and support financially those who took risk for saving the life of a Jew during the war. At present Mira Wexler is 78 years and Helena Weglowski is 85. Both of them were very happy to see each other after a long gap of 70 years, the Fox News reports.

In 1942 during the Second World War the Germans were on their way of mass extermination of Jews which is commonly known as Holocaust. At that time Helena Weglowski and her family helped Mira Wexler and her mother to escape from German extermination. Wexler’s family hid in the mill farm of Weglowski’s family which was in Strata Huta, Poland. Helena without thinking once about herself and her family’s life helped Mira to make an escape. Helena said: “My parents had huge hearts and they decided to rescue everybody who it was possible to.”

However, Mira not for too long could remain safe in the farm because it was soon surrounded by the German soldiers. Therefore, she again with her mother escaped to nearby forest. On the other hand Helena and her family always helped Mira and her mother when they were in need of anything. Mira said: “I’d hid myself and my mother in the woods in the nights, when we could; we’d always go to Helena’s home to have coats and food. They always hid us because it was very hard to stay in the woods without any food in the cold times so Helena’s family always welcomed us in.”

On this special moment Helena said: “I’m extremely happy to see Mira again. I remember the time before the war when we would play together. The war destroyed everything – but now we can be together again and I’m extremely overwhelmed.”

After the end of the Second World War Mira Wexler moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Helena still lives in Poland although she left her farm.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE