10 Things You Didn’t Know About Winston Churchill

WW2 British PM Winston Churchill is, arguably, one of the most respected leaders of the 20th century [which is a feat considering all the political figures this century had] and because of that, there is no shortage of historians who are devoted at telling everything about the life of the WW2 British PM. Even so, WHO has made up a list of 10 things you may not know about the WW2 British PM.

If you know them then, fine but if you don’t, at least you have something to brag about the next time you see your history enthusiast friends!

1. The WW2 British PM and His Love for Silk Undies

We all care about what’s underneath our pants [and skirts for the women] and we splurge on underwear that are not on sale from time to time. WW2 British PM Winston Churchill was no different.

However, his love for comfortable undies go more than that — he preferred them to be made out of “very fine woven silk [said to be in pale pink color]” from the Army and navy stores. During the Second World War, silk must have been a highly restricted commodity as Mrs. Churchill divulged that her husband’s undies “cost the eyes out of his head”.

So, it could be said that the WW2 British PM rallied the whole United Kingdom into winning the Second World War with a cigar, a snifter of whisky and a pair of pale pink silk undies.

2. The WW2 British PM, His Love for Whisky and India

Churchill’s love for something with alcohol is a common knowledge. It is even said that one time he commented on how he had made it a rule in his life never to drink nonalcoholic drinks between meals.

But did you know that the WW2 British PM used to hate whisky? But a trip in India changed that.

It was in the subcontinent where he learned to drink it the right way and thus, developing an “acquired taste” for it. Soon, he deviated into Johnny Walker which he drank with soda.

3. The WW2 British PM and His Fondness for Cats [or Animals for that Matter]

While most history buffs see the WW2 British Prime Minister as akin to the British bulldog for very obvious reasons, Churchill in real life was very fond of cats.

As a matter of fact, there was one cat he really loved — his marmalade-hued with white bib and socks feline friend, Jock. The cat was named after his private secretary, Sir John “Jock” Colville and had left a legacy that even after the death of the WW2 British PM, it was put into writing that a marmalade cat named Jock should be Chartwell’s [now run by the National Trust] resident feline.

And that has been carried on until today.

4. The WW2 British PM “Flashing” the WW2 American President

WW2 British PM 1

Winston Churchill didn’t give a fig about what others thought about him. One time, he flashed WW2 American President Franklin D.Roosevelt. He slipped a bath towel off all the while declaring that he “had nothing to hide”.

5. The WW2 British PM and His Fondness for Cats [or Animals for that Matter] Part II

WW2 British PM 2

The WW2 British PM was not only known for his unwavering will during the war. He was also known to take on a number of animals as pets. If that doesn’t convince you that Churchill was an animal lover, then this anecdote will.

One time, the WW2 British PM asked his wife, Clementine, to carve the goose they were having for dinner.

“You’ll have to carve it, Clemmie. He was my friend,” he said.

6. Bribing the WW2 British PM to Quit Smoking

Imagine Winston Churchill without his signature cigar? Well, that would be difficult as Churchill and cigars seem to go hand in hand.

But there was one time the British political leader’s mother tried to bribe him to quit smoking and she succeeded . . . well, almost.

When the future WW2 British PM was just 15, his mum convinced him to put off his cigar for six months in exchange for a pony and a gun. Churchill did just that!

He got his pony and his gun and went back to smoking after six months.

7. Clear or Creamy Soup?

The WW2 British PM preferred clear soup as a meal starter compared to cream soup. He detested the latter. And speaking of meals, Churchill also loved to go on picnics.

8. The WW2 British PM and His Love for Musicals

Yes, mighty Winston Churchill loved musicals. Well, that fact is really implied as based on what the historians found in his record cabinet — Gilbert and Sullivan [a theatrical partnership way back in the Victorian-era] as well as Marie Lloyd and Harry Lauder, Music Hall veterans.

9. Winston Churchill’s Love for Movies

Aside from his implied love for musicals, the WW2 British PM was also fond of movies. He was known to watch them with his family, staff and even guests regularly in his home. Furthermore, like his love for everything fine [including underwear], he had an exceptional taste in his film choice.

For one, his favorite movie was That Hamilton Woman which starred Vivien Leigh and Sir Lawrence Olivier.

10. The WW2 British PM and His Value for Time

Winston Churchill believe time to be a precious commodity that he never wore lace-up shoes. His reason was he “liked to slip in and out of things”.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE