My name is Dan Gryder. Yes, I want you to fly my DC-3, left seat! The DC-3 used to be an airliner, then they became freighters. Now there are few left flyable, and most are getting scrapped for the raw aluminum. I got one left, N143D

Mine was built in 1938. She has 56,000 hours on her and the only way I can keep her flying is through flight training.So we have done a lot of it, but the problem has always been that a pilot had to have an existing multi engine certificate and a lot of previous experience to get to fly the DC-3. Starting now, any US pilot with at least a third class medical can fly the DC-3 left seat, and obtain an actual DC-3 type rating on their pilots certificate. Even if you’re just a private pilot and the biggest thing you have ever flown is a Cessna 172! How?

First , we run you through our 3 day multi course to convert your single engine certificate to a multi-engine certificate. We have two identical Piper Apaches with Geronimo conversions that we use for this. (See the FREE Multi-engine FTM document PDF under DOWNLOADS.) Then the next three days you are using that brand new multi certificate in the left seat of the DC-3. At the end of the DC-3 course, you get yet another new FAA pilots license, this time with DC-3 stamped on it…forever.

The DC-3 course that I am referring to is the DC-3 INITIAL for Second in Command, see course list below. Right now, you can do both courses (combined) for $6395, guaranteed. SAVE $2355! This may be the only time in aviation history that private pilots are invited to fly a real airliner from the left seat – and get a real rating that goes right on your pilots license! I am the last guy in the states offering left seat time and ratings in the DC-3. I can ONLY do it as long as people want to fly it. 2011 marks the start of my 10th year in business. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Call me for more information Please help me keep this grand old bird in the air!

Thank you,

Dan Gryder

Course Days to
Douglas DC-3 P.I.C INITIAL 6 $18,000
Douglas DC-3 – P.I.C
INITIAL 3 $9360
Douglas DC-3 S.I.C INITIAL 3 $5960 Guaranteed
Douglas DC-3 P.I.C  RECURRENT 2 $7020 Guaranteed
Douglas DC-3 S.I.C RECURRENT     1 $2700 Guaranteed
Hawker 800XP P.I.C INITIAL 17 $32,775
Citation I / II P.I.C INITIAL 10 $15,650
Lear 31A P.I.C INITIAL 17 $19,025
Lear 45 P.I.C INITIAL 17 $25,025
Lear 60 P.I.C INITIAL 17 $25,425
Gulfstream G-IV P.I.C INITIAL 17 $32,850


Right now – Any Private pilot with zero multi experience can combine two courses. Stay 6 days, add a new multi certificate AND a DC-3 Type Rating for $6395.00 FOREIGN STUDENTS ARE WELCOME – PLEASE APPLY VIA THE TSA

We are looking for low time private pilots that want to fly the -3!!

This course includes free pickup from Atlanta Hartsfield International airport, free ground school, free crew car, all food included, and bluegrass music is likely.


Hampton Inn is still $59.00 per night for DC-3 pilots, Call 770-229-9900 and ask for Becky, Cheryl, or Dulal. This hotel features free buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi, exercise room and laundry. Tell them you are going to be a DC-3 pilot and ask for that rate.

Examiner fee is $400.00 paid direct to the examiner for the multi-engine rating. There is no exam fee for the DC-3 SIC course.

For the past few years it has been my pleasure to work with a model aircraft company in Europe called HERPA, Ltd. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of die cast aircraft and automobile models, and all built with German engineering and detail! If you are a manufacturer or a retailer, contact for marketing opportunities. Their models really will fly – they’ll fly off your shelves, and out of your warehouses.

If you would like to fly the real HERPA DC-3 in the 1:1 scale, that one is mine, and I invite you to be my guest.

Right now, through a very unique opportunity, I can get a DC-3 type rating stamped onto YOUR pilot certificate for $5960 guaranteed. If you’re already a Multi-engine pilot, this 3-day course includes everything you need. We have now completed more than two hundred students! These vintage aircraft are disappearing quickly. Let me get you that left seat time, the experience of a lifetime, and “DC-3” stamped onto YOUR certificate while I still can. Contact me now!

Aircraft Panels

Does your aircraft project need a new all metal instrument panel? We have a brand-new process that will change the way you think about constructing your panel. We can now custom cut aluminum aircraft instrument panels from stock 2024 T3 to your specifications with a technically advanced process that bypasses the less accurate, traditional cutting methods such as water jet (cut with water), laser (cut with light), or plasma (cut with gas). Our new process cuts an extremely accurate panel–with repeatable accuracy–to less than 1/1000 of an inch. We can cut metal of any thickness up to 95/1000 inch, and we can work from either a blueprint or CAD file. By using this new process we completely avoid all negative side effects of traditional processes, such as warping because of excess heat, or burred edges. All holes can be computer based pre-drilled for button head screws, or machine counter sunk to exacting standards for the very best, professional flush look. Upon panel completion, we also have the capability to paint and prep the finished product using a state-of-the-art powder-coat process. Finally, our unique graphics package can correctly label all switches and circuit breakers to your specifications using a new process that does not use stick ons, adhesive, cellophane, or engraving. This is the cleanest, most professional, and most durable product that is possible for aircraft panels. Call or write for more information.

AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURERS: We can produce a far superior aircraft panel in any quantity for your production aircraft. We can do it faster, and we can do it for less money. Call to arrange a free prototype for your inspection.

Aviation consulting

Do you have an aviation problem or situation that demands a concrete, effective solution? We can help! With our Extensive experience in Part 61, 91, 135, and 121 operations, we can assist you in finding the answer to your needs. Conservative companies always hire an independent auditor to look at the books. Don’t wait until you have a serious accident to discover what policies and best practices your company flight department should have had in place That would have helpedto avoid the accident. We can help your department with fuel planning policies, regulations, crew coordination, checklist usage, automation, V Nav, L nav, and LPV approaches, abnormal procedures management, and more.

Tailwheel Training

Some of the best airplanes have the third wheel in back – and we can teach you to fly yours right! We offer both initial tailwheel training for students and transition training for certificated pilots. We are the nations premiere tailwheel instructors for both single and multi engine tailwheel operations. Your aircraft or one of ours – we can help you master the taildragger.

We have worked very hard to create the worlds best set of DC-3 training materials. We wrote these books. We also have a lot of other General Aviation materials for aviators. All of it is FREE! Please click on DOWNLOADS for access to these documents. We will also in the future be adding some short videos that will also be free. Please be sure to see our other web site as well,

While we offer any kind of INITIAL or RECURRENT training for the DC-3, we have a very unique situation available right now: If you haven’t heard about this, NOW is the time to get your DC-3 type rating for S.I.C. This is a brand new program from the FAA that is very unusual. Our industry leading FAR part 91 program for the new DC-3 type rating has been accepted by the FAA, we have already had numerous graduates in the program.

This is a type rating for the DC-3 that goes on your FAA pilots certificate, and it stays there forever. This is a complete package, a 3 day course where you do all the flying. It includes the ground school, the paperwork, and everything that you need to take home a new pilots license with “DC-3” on it. There will be a day when this is an impossible rating to get. Get it while you can. Best of all, this is now very inexpensive to do.

This is an intensive course, it starts early, it goes late, and it is a lot of flying. You have to get the books ahead (free) of time and get ready for the course on your own. This 3 day type rating course is an absolute bargain for the certificate hunter with limited time, or the pilot that just wants a shot at flying the classic vintage DC-3. If desired, you can always come back later and take an ORAL and FLIGHT TEST to have the limitation removed from your certificate. This is one course that will see a price increase in the near future. Call or write about locking in the $5960.00 Guaranteed rate.

We have proven that the DC-3 is crowd favorite at air shows. We invite you to use our DC-3 for your purpose. We can design a custom image exactly to your specifications. As a static display, plan on more visitors per day than any other display at these air-show opportunities. We can also fly the aircraft for demonstration, or give VIP/Corporate guest rides. We provide custom media packages for your company to use our aircraft to your specifications for results that are second to none. Ask about our low level “almost aerobatic” DC-3 routine with smoke on, our single engine very low – low pass (one engine feathered), and our single wheel landing. You have to see it to believe it! All DC-3 operations flown by Dan Gryder from the right seat of the DC-3.