PRESS RELEASE: Online military auction website draws big audience

Press Release
The website is an initiative of Dutch military history enthusiast and collector Peter Geert Hommes.

The Military Market Place, the online auction for (ex-)military equipment, has seen thousands  of visitors on its website in the first weeks of operating and several hundred registering as seller.

The Military Market Place aims to connect buyers and sellers of military items worldwide. The site already features thousands of collectibles, from radio equipment, vehicles and spare parts to uniforms and medals. The recently launched platform also saw hundreds of enthusiasts, collectors and traders registering, this giving them full rights to buy and sell free of charge.

The website is an initiative of Dutch military history enthusiast and collector Peter Geert Hommes. Trying to buy certain spare parts for old military vehicles he noticed that the market for military items is very fragmented with hundreds of (web) shops all over the world. Furthermore an online general auction like EBay, an important distribution channel for military items, does not provide a satisfactory search structure while its fee system puts a lot of sellers of.

From his observations Hommes learned by setting up his free of charge trading system with a search structure that meets the needs of buyers and sellers of military items. On top of that Hommes added features that make his platform exceptionally easy for sellers to put goods online. One of such features being a copy option that allows sellers to quickly produce new but almost similar advertisements.

Hommes hopes to keep a free to use website and to make it into a worldwide community of military history enthusiasts and collectors. Revenues to reach breakeven should come from commercial advertisements in the shape of banners.


 Peter Geert Hommes

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