PRESS RELEASE: Monte Cassino Ten Armies in Hell, lecture by Dr Peter Caddick-Adams

Date of Event: 17th November 2012
Time of Event: 19:30pm
Venue: The Tank Museum
Entry Fee: £10

Ten Armies in Hell
Special Offer
Peter Caddick-Adams new book Monte Cassino: Ten Armies in Hell examines the bloodiest contest of the Italian campaign. The five month battle, which drew in a multitude of participating armies, was characterised by deadlock in inhospitable mountainous terrain that could only be broken by boots on the ground, rather than sweeping manoeuvres by tanks and aircraft. Monte Cassino was also marked by the destruction of its world famous Abbey: in retrospect, considered an unjustifiable act of cultural vandalism by the Allies. In this lecture, Dr Caddick-Adams discusses the battle and draws parallels to modern conflict.

Tickets cost £10 each.
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