PRESS RELEASE: Broken Wings looks to an exciting future

BP303020@-384513Broken Wings looks to an exciting future

Broken Wings documentary film makers James Carter and Karl von Moller are remaining upbeat despite not hitting their funding target on crowdfunding site Pozible. Over the past month the filmmakers from Melbourne, Australia enlisted the support of warbird fans and enthusiasts from around the world to get the next stage of their documentary about buried Spitfires in Oakey, Queensland funded.

Unfortunately, they didn’t reach their goal when the project closed for pledges at 12.00pm Thursday. “It was a gamble from the start”, says Carter, “but we figured we should aim high and hope for the best”, he said. “We actually thought there’d be more support for the project, but we’ve learnt a lot from the experience if we ever decide to crowdfund again”, von Moller added.

Since their campaign went live on October 1, the Broken Wings team have received a great deal of interest from the media, particularly in Queensland where the story in based. Live interviews on top rating talk radio stations in Brisbane and Melbourne and a great deal of print media support has uncovered a treasure trove of new information from people eager to share their account of what went on at Oakey, immediately following World War II.

While the team are disappointed the project was not funded, they are looking forward to what lies ahead. With the amazing amount of new information that has come forward, particularly from Queensland, the filmmakers are set to kick off a new chapter in their search for the elusive aircraft.

“We’ve already made the decision to use up our frequent flyer points and head back up to Queensland hopefully in the new year, to interview those who have shared some incredible new information with us”, says von Moller.

Carter shares von Moller’s enthusiasm adding “if there’s anything exciting to report, you’ll read about it first on War History Online”.

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