PRESS RELEASE: After the Battle & War History Online

ATB2The publishers of After the Battle should need no introduction to military history enthusiasts as producers of some of the very finest books and magazines. Their much imitated but rarely bettered ‘Then & Now’ format has a heritage stretching back over thirty-five years. Never people to sit on their laurels they release new titles on a regular basis as we have seen with the magnificent The Desert War Then and Now released earlier this year, with further releases due in the near future.

Only crazy people would turn down the opportunity to benefit from such an organisation and we are delighted to confirm that we are not nuts at War History Online. Well, no more than usual!

We are pleased to announce that After the Battle have agreed to assist to help expand our hugely popular Ghosts of History concept reaching out from War History Online. We will also be sharing with you on our web site current news and features from After the Battle, including opportunities to win their popular books and magazines as prizes.

After the Battle looks forward to revisiting the battlefields with you in our unique then and now style, and, using the power and reach of social media which War History Online brings, we hope to reach and involve an even vaster audience than before. 

We are excited about this development. We’ve been collecting the books since the early 1980s and the magazines since way before that and the chance to be involved with the people who inspired so much of what we do and what matters to us is a very exciting prospect indeed. In addition to this, knowing we share a connection with the great Bart Vanderveen makes it all so much more special.

We are more than pleased to help After the Battle reach a wider audience. War History Online has grown into a major platform and for us it is has always been about promoting our history.

You can buy After the Battle magazines and the books they have published by visiting their website and you can also follow them on their Facebook page.