New Capture Story for World’s most Famous Tank: Tiger 131

The Tiger Day 2019. Photo: The Tank Museum
The Tiger Day 2019. Photo: The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum has released a new video detailing how astonishing evidence came to light and changed the long accepted story of the world’s most famous tank – Tiger 131.


The Museum’s Tiger 131, a world-famous Second World War tank, is the only running Tiger I in the world and visitors to The Tank Museum on 14 September will have a chance to see the Tiger live in action; one of its two yearly outings.

Just last year new information came to light on the capture story of Tiger 131, when the location of its capture and the identity of the forces who disabled it was brought into question. It was established that the tank had been immobilised in a different action than had been believed since the Second World War.

Photo: The Tank Museum
Photo: The Tank Museum

At Tiger Day 12, Tiger 131 will take part in a 45 minute display alongside its Axis and Allied contemporaries, including the very Sherman tank which played the ‘Fury’ itself in the film.

For the true Tiger fan, premium tickets are available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where you can see inside Tiger 131 and other Panzers, tour the Workshop and have your very own seat in the grandstand for the arena for the display.

Tiger Day 12 is also the perfect opportunity to visit The Tank Museum’s remarkable exhibition, ‘The Tiger Collection – the Tanks, the Terror and the Truth’.

Closing at the end of October 2019, every member of the famous Tiger tank family has been brought together for the first time ever.

Photo: The Tank Museum
Photo: The Tank Museum

The Museum are offering the opportunity to win a ride in Tiger 131 with a special charity auction and raffle. Raffle tickets are £3 and are available online, the EBay auction will run from 26th July – 5th August.

The Museum will open from 9:00am to 6.00pm, with a lunch time arena display. Premium, Advance and Season tickets still available, Annual Passes will not be valid. Book online now!


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