From Russia With Love: Russian WW2 Guest Tanks At Tankfest 2019

Press Release

Not one, but two, T-34 tanks, used by Russia during the Second World War will be running in the arena at TANKFEST 2019.

The T-34 was the most produced tank of the Second World War, with over 80,000 built, and is an iconic Second World War tank.

The tanks, running at TANKFEST 2019, are the T-34/85 variants and both were produced during the Second World War. One is coming from the Cobbaton Collection in Devon, which houses a collection of Second World War vehicles and artefacts open to the public.

Cobbaton T-34. The Tank Museum
Cobbaton T-34. The Tank Museum

The other T34-85, came off the production line in 1944 and is thought to have been damaged during the Battle for Prague and then went on to fight at the Battle for Berlin. It has been kindly lent by private collector, John Sanderson.

Head of Collections, Chris van Schaardenburg, said, “The T-34 is a symbol of the Second World War and having two of them running together will make for an impressive display.”

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