Nashorn Restoration Update – Help From The Weald Foundation

Jack Knight
Nashorn restoration workshop
Nashorn restoration workshop

A few weeks ago disaster struck the Nashorn Restoration Project, the team had devoted their free time and a lot of money to their beloved project over the past four years.

Due to a disastrous fire, within 10 minutes, everything was gone or badly damaged. At Militracks, an annual event taking place at the Overloon Museum in the Netherlands, the Weald Foundation, from the UK came to there rescue and donated a collection of wheels to help with the rebuild.

burned out hulk
Heart breaking sight

“When I saw on the news that the team had lost so much, my first thought was how we could help?”, Michael Charles Gibb, Director of Weald Foundation. “I headed down to my shed to have a poke around; then it struck me, give them something you can’t get off the shelf, and which are very rare – original tank tires.”

“We decided before bringing the tank to Militracks; we would give it a lick of paint as we didn’t have the heart to turn up with it sitting there all battered and bruise”, Robby Van Sambeech, from the Nashorn Restoration Project. “

We didn’t know the guys at Weald Foundation were going to turn up with spare tires for us, and to be brutally honest we were totally stoked by there generosity.”

weald foundation
Michael Charles Gibb, Director of Weald Foundation.

“Militracks 2019 is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and today I felt so proud of what we have done and seeing this support for fellow comrades was something very special”, Erik van den Dungen director of the Overloon Museum/Militracks.

nashorn restoration project
The morning after


nashorn workshop destroyed
The guys are rebuilding

This is going to be  fantastic restoration once the guys have finished it and will be incredible to see on the circuit once it is complete. You can follow the Nashorn restoration on Facebook

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