The Tank Museum Reveals Centurion FV4003 AVRE Making TANKFEST Debut

Photo Credit: The Tank Museum
Photo Credit: The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum has announced the latest military vehicle slated to make an appearance at TANKFEST 2024: the Centurion FV4003 AVRE. Designed for use by the Royal Engineers, the post-war-era machine will be making its event debut alongside the AMX-13 and M47 Patton, which were announced late last month.

Centurion FV4003 AVRE parked next to a cornfield
Photo Credit: The Tank Museum

TANKFEST 2024 will be taking place between June 28-30 at the Tank Museum in Bovington, United Kingdom. Along with arena action, the event is slated to feature live-action demonstrations, living history encampments, guest talks and more.

“We are proud to showcase the greatest display of historic moving armour in the world,” said Chris van Schaardenburgh, the head of collections at the Tank Museum. “We are pleased to work with Norfolk Tank Museum to showcase this Centurion AVRE for the first time in the TANKFEST arena.”

Centurion FV4003 AVRE parked near a building
Photo Credit: Alan Wilson / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Developed and built in the late 1940s, the Centurion FV4003 AVRE was operated by the United Kingdom and West Germany during the Cold War era. It was introduced into service in 1963 and saw action seven years later during Operation Motorman. While largely obsolete by the time the Gulf War broke out, it did see combat during the conflict.

As aforementioned, the armored vehicle was developed for use by the Royal Engineers. It was equipped with a powerful 165 mm gun that fired 64-pound high-explosive squash head (HESH) projectiles and could break through obstacles at up to 2,400 yards away. The projectile’s large size allowed it to be filled with 32 pounds of PE4 explosives, giving it a powerful punch.

To ensure the Royal Engineers could operate the FV4003 effectively, it was built to equip either a plow or a bulldozer blade. As well, it was given the ability to carry a roll of metal Class 60 Trackway or fascine bundle, and, depending on the situation, could tow a trailer or mine-clearing equipment.

Centurion FV4003 AVRE on display outside
Photo Credit: Alan Wilson / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

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Multi- and single-day tickets for TANKFEST 2024 are currently available. Given the annual event typically sells out, the Tank Museum urges those interested in attending to purchase their tickets as soon as possible.

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