Want a Tiger 1? Own Your Own Piece of Fury Memorabilia!

Well, some loved the film and some didn’t but if you have enough room in your collection for a mock up of the Tiger 1 that was used in the filming then you are in luck. Or may be you would like the Sherman, or a real Jeep or GMC.

If you do then get in touch with our friends over at www.axistrackservices.com or connect and follow them on Facebook. Have a look below and see what grabs your fancy!
Willys Jeep
Hotchkiss Jeep ‘post war’
GMC CCKW 353 LWB (long wheel base) – tipper
GMC CCKW LWB (long wheel base) “Blood Wagon”
Dodge WC54 “ambulance”
White M3A1 halftrack
Reproduction Tiger 1:1 based on Alvis ‘Shielder’ chassis
Reproduction Tiger 1:1 prop
Reproduction “Fury” Sherman 1:1 based on Alvis ‘Shielder chassis
Reproduction “Fury” Sherman 1:1 prop
White halftrack props x3



 www.axistrackservices.com or connect and follow them on Facebook.

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