M201/MB Differences Part 3

Well known 8th USAAF historian and mv enthusiast, Steve A. Carr, has many of the answers in part three this four part series of articles that jeep owners have always wanted to know.

 Hotchkiss M201 Willys MB

The handbrake on the M201 was shoes on the inside of the drum. Some Willy’s were like this but early MB’s had an external brake band.

While the MB was 6 volt, the M201 evolved through 6 & 12 volt, to settle on 24 volt from 1960 onwards. A second battery was fitted behind the first, displacing some components.
As a result of the second battery, the M201’s air filter was moved to the left side of the vehicle.
The voltage regulator was moved from behind the battery to the firewall, next to the fuel filter.
The MB’s generator was replaced with a more powerful alternator.
The water pump had an extra pulley and drive belt fitted compared to the MB.
The distributor and ignition leads on the M201 was completely sealed and watertight.
The M201 plugs were also sealed.
The Willy’s vehicles had several different horns. An early design featured a long trumpet on the front. This was replaced with a flat round design. The M201 horn was similar ‘though with a different slot pattern. 
The Carter or Zenith carburettor of the MB was replaced with a Solex unit on the M201.