M201/MB Differences Final Part

Well known 8th USAAF historian and mv enthusiast, Steve A. Carr, has many of the answers in the last of this four part series of articles that jeep owners have always wanted to know.

 Hotchkiss M201 Willys MB

The M201 Pintle hook had a safety pin but was otherwise identical to the MB.

Hotchkiss jeeps had a number plate light mounted under the jerry.

The clamps which hold the screen down when folded, are raised off the hood on small blocks on the M201, but not the MB. As a result, they are not stretched as far when clamping the screen.
The M201 steering column clamps are bolted to the dash. On the MB, the clamp is riveted.
There is a small triangle fillet on the front edge of the rear wheel arch. On the MB, this is part of the side wall folded over. On all the M201’s I’ve seen, this is a separate part, welded in. I don’t know whether this was designed, or whether is was as a result of cutting through the seams and edges of wheel arches during factory recycling of parts.
Willys and early Hotchkiss jeeps both had canvas seats and roof. Hotchkiss later changed their seats and roof for a vinyl material that would wipe dry. The rear window opening was also fitted with a clear vinyl panel.
The Hotchkiss mirror was enlarged to a more rectangular form from the original round Willys mirror.
The Hotchkiss Blackout light on the left has a much flatter housing than the MB and the shroud is more tapered.
On the M201, the butterfly nuts on the screen and hood bows have a slightly different chain style.
On the M201, the side grab handle is a more angular design, with longer bolting flanges, compared to the Willy’s handle on the right. The rear corner handles appear to be identical.