LOOK! Inside the Mighty IS-7 by World of Tanks




In 1948, the IS-7 heavy tank was developed. Weighing 68 metric tons, thickly armoured and armed with a 130 mm S-70 gun, it was the largest and heaviest member of the IS family. In spite of its weight, it was easy to drive due to numerous hydraulic assists. The loaders noted that the IS-7 was comfortable and that the autoloader was easy to use.

It was also able to achieve a top speed of 60 km/h thanks to a 1050-horsepower engine giving it a power to weight ratio of 15.4 hp/ton, a ratio superior to most contemporary medium tanks. Its armour was not only immune to the Jagdtiger’s 12.8 cm Pak 44 but was even proof to its own 130mm, and the only weak point on the frontal armor of the tank was the lower glacis plate. Due to the reasons unknown, most likely because of the considerable issues arising from its mass (bridges, rail transport – no Soviet/Russian tank accepted into service afterwards exceeded 55 t), the tank never reached the production lines.


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