The Hunt For The Dream Wartime Relic: A Short Story That Every WWII Enthusiast Will Relate To!

Ah, fantasy. For some, it’s outer space, or mystical lands with dragons and fairies. For others, it’s dreaming of what relics lie under the ground. Even better, fantasising about stumbling across a massive horde or WWII relics that just unfolds to reveal further and further rustic wartime treasures.

This fairytale movie depicts one such fantasy unfold for a lonely beachcomber. We meet our treasure-hunter as a weary old man, who drops off for a wine-induced nap on the beach. As his dreamscape unfurls, we meet his younger self, in a depiction of his relic-searching fantasy. Hours of running his metal detector over a deserted sandy beach finally yielded every WWII enthusiast’s dream – an intact, operational Willy’s Jeep!

Laugh your way into this entertaining short film as our beachcomber goes through layers of sand rocking horses and chairs to emerge triumphantly driving his freshly exhumed Jeep. As he dusts off the USA markings with due reverence, he can only sit and gaze in awe at his newly found prize. The peacefulness of the wild, lonely beach take a sombre tone as our beachcomber notices the bullet hole in the windshield at the driver’s side, and he removes his hat and salutes in respect. We are left to suppose that our beachcomber is perhaps a veteran himself.

Then, the fun really begins! Who finds a running WWII Willy’s Jeep and doesn’t take it for an epic spin across the sand?

As the Jeep drives off into the sunset, so closes our weary beachcomber’s dream. He takes one last look at the empty beach and kicks the sand in a frustration all too familiar to relic-hunters. As he packs up his truck and calls it a day, we are reminded that the dream of such a find never really fades.

Enjoy this endearing fictional short film about passion for wartime artefacts, dreaming big as a relic-hunter, and how the physical remains of war resonate throughout the decades.

Audrey Gerrard

Audrey Gerrard is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE