Gold Train Plot Twist – Real Images of the Train not Unearthed…….

Well, we know it isn’t April 1st – April Fools Day. But these images ‘are’ of the of the lost train in Poland that is carrying Nazi Gold, the amber room, classified documents between Hitler and Churchill, alien spacecraft, Mussolini’s socks, Tutankhamun, the Mary Celeste and of course Elvis….

These images are all over the net, and some folks believe they are real – they are even debating it. Someone has done a great job using a 1/35th model by the looks of it. Very clever and great fun but please don’t take it seriously.

Last month we were with a real life treasure hunter and of course the subject of the ‘gold train’ came up. This chap has spent his life exploring caves and tunnels for WWII history.

As he pointed out from the get-go – nothing survives too well in tunnel conditions. They are usually very wet places – even something as big as a train wouldn’t survive too well.

Only non-ferrous metals would survive. So whatever they find – don’t expect too much.

So why is it taking so long to dig this train out? Good question. There seems to be a news blackout. Either that or all of the world’s journalists that descended on the area, have run out of the expenses (propping the local bars up) and have gone back home.

But in all fairness, just imagine for one moment the amount of red tape there is on this subject.

The whole world and its mother will be laying claim to it. The Germans, Russians, the Poles, the French. People are saying that the gold should be returned to its rightful owners – the Jews. First thing, we don’t even know if there is a train.

If there is, we don’t even know what is on it. If there is gold – why would it automatically belong to the Jews. IF there is gold, then it could be of major value. For any country to have the opportunity to increase its gold reserves – they are going to jump on that and fight for it.

The Mystery continues…………….

While it does let’s set back and just smile at these images and ask those who made them, to make some more.

Can we put a request for images of  Yamashita’s gold, please 🙂