33 Beautiful Images of B-17 Flying Fortress In Flight

If you love to see a B-17 Flying Fortress fly then you will surely love to see B-17 bombers of the Mighty Eight flying in formation. We searched the internet and made a compilation of most beautiful formation pictures we could find!

37360-728x480Color photograph of World War 2 in high definition. Three American strategic Boeing B-17E “Flying Fortress” heavy four-engine bombers in flight over the sea. [Via]

B1sDHo-IgAAke6cAmazing formation shot, 17 B-17s can be seen flying in close proximity [Via]

B-17_Formation_381_bomb_group_533_bomb_squadronB-17 Formation 381st bomb group 533rd bomb squadron [Via]


398th_Bomb_Group_601st_BS_B-17_Bomber_43-39227398th Bomb Group 601st Bomb Squadron Boeing B-17G-105-BO Flying Fortress Bomber 43-39227 code 3O-S [Via]

Boeing_B-17F_42-29513_in_flight,_1943A B-17F of the 99th Bomb Group, with the nearly frameless clear-view bombardier’s nose. [Via]

Bomber_streamCombat boxes of 3rd Bomb Division B-17s [Via]

158 April 1945: As the war draws to a close, B-17s from the 398th BG seen heading to Neumunster, Germany.[Via]

Boeing B-17GB-17G of the 384th Bomb Group on the bomb run [Via]

B-17_381st_Bomb_Group_535_BS_Bomb_Run_Photo_November_26_1944_HamburgB-17 of the 381st Bomb Group 535th Bomb Squadron Bomb Run Photo November 26, 1944 Hamburg [Via]

16High over Germany, a flight of B-17s from the 398th BG on a bombing run to Neumunster on 8 April 1945 [Via]

17Fighters weave over a formation of B-17s during a raid. [Via]

1892nd BG B-17Fs at high altitude. [Via]

Boeing B-17FB-17F formation over Schweinfurt, Germany, 17 August 1943 [Via]

Boeing B-17FBoeing B-17F radar bombing through clouds: Bremen, Germany, on 13 November 1943. [Via]

B-17_SchweinfurtFormation flying through dense flak over Merseburg, Germany [Via]

QB-17_Flying_Fortress_Drones_over_New_Mexico_1946BQ-17 Flying Fortress Drones over New Mexico, April 1946. [Via]

B-17_42-31581_Ole_Miss_305th_BGBoeing B-17G-20-BO Flying Fortress 42-31581 „Ole Miss” 305th Bomb Group [Via]

Aerial_View_B-17_Flying_Fortress_Bomber_42-31801Aerial View Boeing B-17G-30-BO Flying Fortress Bomber 42 31801 of 92nd Bomb Group [Via]

Four_B-17_of_the_91st_BG_401st_BS_Kassel_Mission_Jezebel_Anxious_AngelFour B-17 of the 91st Bomb Group 401st BS Kassel Mission. „Jezebel” 42-38144 and „Anxious Angel” 43-38035 [Via]

B-17_Bombers_Of_452nd_Bomb_Group_Entroute_To_Swinemunde_1945B-17 Bombers Of 452nd Bomb Group Enroute To Swinemunde 1945 [Via]

452nd_Bomb_Group_B-17_over_Berlin_on_March_22_1944452nd Bomb Group B-17 over Berlin on March 22 1944 [Via]

B-17_303_Bomb_Group_Over_EnglandB-17 of 303rd Bomb Group Over England [Via]

452nd_Bomb_Group_B-17_Bombers_Heading_To_Swinemunde_1945452nd Bomb Group B-17 Bombers Heading To Swinemunde 1945 [Via]

B-17G_42-31367_Chow_Hound_of_91st_Bomb_Group_over_Berlin_on_March_8_1944Boeing B-17G-15-BO Flying Fortress 42-31367 „Chow Hound” code LG-R of 91st Bomb Group 322nd Bomb Squadron over Berlin on March 8, 1944 [Via]

B-17E_41-9141_41-9131B-17E 41-9141 and 41-9131 [Via]

Rear_Aerial_View_of_Trio_of_B-17_Bombers_Heading_To_TargetRear Aerial View of Trio of B-17 Bombers Heading To Target [Via]

B-17_Flying_Fortress_Heavy_Flak_Fire_490th_Bomb_Group_8th_Air_ForceB-17 Flying Fortress Heavy Flak Fire 490th Bomb Group 8th Air Force [Via]

aerial_view_of_a_15th_Air_Force_B-17_group_bombing_Vienna_in_April_1944Aerial view of a 15th Air Force B-17 group bombing Vienna in April 1944 [Via]

8th_AF_B-17_Flying_Fortress_over_Alps_to_Munich_Railyards8th AF B-17 Flying Fortress over Alps to Munich Railyards [Via]

B-17_Flying_Fortress_8th_AF_in_Flak_Filled_Sky_During_Berlin_RaidB-17 Flying Fortress 8th AF in Flak Filled Sky During Berlin Raid [Via]

B-17_Flying_Fortress_Formation_388th_and_452nd_Bomb_Groups_8th_Air_Force_42-39903B-17 Flying Fortress Formation 388th and 452nd Bomb Groups 8th Air Force 42-39903 „Marjorie Ann” [Via]