22 Photos of the Remnants of War Prove that Nature Always Prevails

Nature always endures. Every war has its end. No matter what people do, Earth and Time will find their ways to fix the damage. Besides, everything belongs to Nature, and ultimately everything goes back to Nature. And eventually, the shape and form of deadly machines become part of landscapes. Those leftovers and reminders of war can be found all over the world – in deep oceans, wild jungles, plains, arid islands… and even in Antarctica!


04. imgur
(Image: Imgur)

Vehicle: M41
Place: Unknown
Now looks like a symbol of peace.


05. livejournal
(Image: LiveJournal)

Vehicle: Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha Medium Tank
Place: Shimizu Island, Russia
The gentle touch of nature against a brutal invention of mankind.


06. Reddit
(Image: Reddit)

Vehicle: M4A3E8 Sherman
Place: Culebra, Puerto Rico
Painted by locals and the ocean.


07. kevinraber
(Image: Kevin Raber)

Vehicle: M2 Light Tank
Place: Antarctica
Even at the edge of the world, we can find derelicts of war. Those tanks are near abandoned a US research base.


08. livejournal
(Image: LiveJournal)

Vehicle: IS-3
Place: Shikotan Island, Russia
Without a crew, the tank still stands its ground.


09. Livejournal
(Image: LiveJournal)

Vehicle: IS-2
Place: Shikotan Island, Russia
Iosif Stalin 2 staring at the Krabozavodskoye village with 122mm gun. The Shikotan Island is still a disputed territory between Russia and Japan.


10. afganistanmylasttour
(Image: afghanistanmylasttour)

Vehicle: T-62
Place: Afganistan
Probably abandoned in 1988, when the USSR lost its campaign in Afganistan.


11. jacekproniewicz
(Image: Jacek Proniewicz)

Vehicle: Type 97 light tank
Place: Truk Lagoon
During Operation Hailstone dozens of ships, planes, tanks were sunk into the ocean. It’s one of the biggest military scrapyards, and it attracts many divers.


12. vintagenews.perka
(Image: Jakub Perka)

Vehicle: Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk
Place: Egypt
Discovered P-40 in excellent shape. Time was merciful to this one.


13. imgur
(Image: Tony Cherbas)

Vehicle: Japanese plane
Place: Palau Coast, Pacific Ocean


14. walkaboutalex
(Image: Alexander Vogel)

Vehicle: Mitsubishi G4Ma Hamaki
Place: Salomon Islands
Great picture of Betty resting in peace in the jungle.


15. wikimedia
(Image: Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Vehicle: B-24D Liberator
Place: Atka Island, Alaska
The last stop of this legendary American bomber.


(Image: Flickr)
(Image: Flickr)

Vehicle: Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero
Place: Pagan Island, Marinas
This wreck of the famous Japanese Zero wasn’t so lucky…


(Image: Wikimedia)

Vehicle: M41 Walker Bulldog
Place: Cambodia
Not only nature and time took care of this one. The kid too, balancing on the barrel of a once-deadly machine.


(Image: Devon Pike)

Vehicle: Japanese Anti-Aircraft Cannon
Place: Rota, Mariana Islands
Flak cannon staring out from forgotten cave. Only nature and time never forget about its existence.


17. m42aqaba
(Image: ierdnall)

Vehicle: M-42 Duster
Place: Aqaba, Red Sea
Sunk on purpose as a diving attraction.


18. saipan
(Image: Dietmar Eckell)

Vehicle: Sherman M4
Place: Saipan
The remnants of war near Saipan.


19. southdownswalking
(Image: Malcolm Oakley)

Vehicle: Churchill MKII Tank
Place: South Downs, Sussex
Without its turret, surrounded by green plains.


(Image: Reddit)

Vehicle: M4 Sherman
Place: Peleliu Island
Another Sherman destroyed by improvised 200-pound mine.


(Image: Joemonster)

Vehicle: PzKpfw IV
Place: Golan Heights
Russia provided Syria with captured German weapons to fight Israel. This Panzer IV was one of them.


(Image: Joemonster)

Vehicle: Chieftain
Place: Slab Common, Bordon, UK
This monster is literally swallowed by nature.


(Image: DARKstyle Pictures)

Vehicle: M47 Patton
Place: Western Europe
The last leftover of war in this article.

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