F4U Mountain rescue – New Video Uses Veteran’s Account


Yarnhub a relatively new YouTube channel has been pumping out lots of historical content in a mixture of 2d and 3d.   Recently they tackled the difficult story of Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown.

Our regular readers will be no strangers to those names as the story of Tom’s attempted rescue of Jesse on a Korean mountainside in his F4U Corsair is the stuff of legends.

A lot of the material looks like it’s based upon the book Devotion by Adam Makos.
However what makes this video interesting is that they have used original recordings of Tom’s voice going through the events of that day.
Books and films about the Korean War are more than important. They help dilute the impression of it being the forgotten conflict it largely is. Just a few years after the greatest and most destructive war in history, the belligerents were at it again, by fair means or foul.
Yarnhub has been on YouTube for only 8 months but have gained a strong following after producing a viral video on the story of Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler.  That currently has over 9 million views.
It looks like this one isn’t quite as successful, but it’s a great piece of work nonetheless.  Let us know in the comments what you think.