“The World Turns to War” – Latest Book In Powerful Series Reveals Firsthand Accounts & Never-Seen Photos Of War

There’s no doubt that World War II is a fascinating and haunting period of time to study, but it is only by talking to those who were actually there do we get a vivid and complete picture of what took place. These first-hand stories are dwindling and there has been no combination of them paired with the latest research… until now.

The World Turns to War (November 2017) is the latest volume in the powerful series, War Stories: World War II First Hand™. Written and compiled by award-winning filmmaker and historical author Jay Wertz, The World Turns to War combines eyewitness accounts and rarely or never seen photos. Over the span of two decades Wertz has gathered more than 500 personal interviews with veterans and eyewitnesses from 22 countries.

The impressive coffee table-style book is a comprehensive look at the treaties ending World War I and their consequences, the unstable political events of postwar Europe, the rise of Adolf Hitler and a reinvigorated German military machine, and the early victories that Nazi military forces scored in putting half of Europe under Third Reich rule by the summer of 1940. The use of photographs, images, original maps and first-hand accounts, along with a complete narrative, make this work a truly unique document of the period.

Wertz has a talent for storytelling that makes The World Turns to War accessible and enjoyable, but it’s his passion for history that makes it a must-read.

“I wrote this book because I feel this is the last opportunity to tell the complete history of World War II with the advantage of eyewitness accounts of veterans who have been interviewed for this purpose, and who are either living or recently deceased,” he says.

With something for everyone, history buff or not, The World Turns to War delivers rich history and invaluable knowledge, offering:

· A broad range of firsthand accounts from veterans and eyewitnesses of nearly every impacted country at the time of World War II

· A thorough examination of and up-to-date research on the causes and political dynamics that led to the war

· Never or rarely seen photographs, images, and original maps that provide a captivating visual component to the narrative

· A complete and balanced storytelling of World War II without unsupported theory or bias

· What could very well be the last comprehensive pictorial and narrative document of the war

· And much more!

Jay Wertz is the author of seven books. These include two award-winning volumes in the War Stories: World War II Firsthand™ series, D-Day: The Campaign Across France and The Pacific – Volume One – Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal, as well as The Pacific – Volume Two – The Solomons to Saipan and The World Turns to War. He has written The Native American Experience, also an award-winner; The Civil War Experience 1861-1865 and is co-author, with prominent historian Edwin C. Bearss, of Smithsonian’s Great Battles and Battlefields of the Civil War. He is currently writing volume five in the War Stories: World War II Firsthand™ series for Monroe Publications and has recently completed Pearl Harbor and the Day of Infamy and They Called Themselves the Battling Bastards of Bataan for their World War II Comix imprint. He has also been a columnist for Civil War Times Illustrated, America’s Civil War, Historynet.com, GreatHistory.com, a feature writer for America in WWII, Aviation History, Armchair General magazines and a contributing editor for America in WWII. He is the producer-director-writer of the award-winning 13-part documentary series Smithsonian’s Great Battles of the Civil War for The Learning Channel and Time-Life Video. He started his 42-year film and TV career in Hollywood working on military projects. He was worked on dozens of motion pictures, TV shows, commercials and documentaries. In his limited spare time he enjoys musical performance, sailing and volunteering. He lives in Phillips Ranch, California.

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