Shooting The Woodpecker – The WW2 Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun In Action (Watch)

First designed and produced by the Japanese Imperial Army, the Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun is a formidable weapon. It saw use throughout the Second World War, both in the hands of Japanese soldiers and, one some occasions, in the hands of their enemies. This weapon was an improved version of the Type 3 Heavy Machine Gun – a similar design, but with a higher caliber. It was usually mounted on a tripod and manned by teams of three soldiers, and it fired at a rate of 450 rounds per minute.

The gun gained quite a reputation and was known by various nicknames among the soldiers who ended up on the receiving end of its wrath. Chinese troops referred to the Type 92 as “The Chicken Neck”, because of the way it looked, and in the Western Allied forces its unusual sound earned it the name “Woodpecker”.

A Type 92 could be a pretty versatile firearm too. While it was generally used against other ground troops, an anti-aircraft sight could be attached to the gun. This allowed it to be fairly effective against Allied airplanes. The regular sights, however, set it slightly apart from other guns of its kind; where most machine-guns had them in the center, the so-called “woodpeckers” were canted to the right.

In this video, viewers can enjoy a full rundown of the Type 92, covering everything from the historical background of the weapon to its technical breakdown. You can also see this classic gun in action, being loaded and fired. The channel that hosts the demonstration, AZ Guns, has also posted many similar videos, examining a wide variety of guns from a range of different periods. Whether you’re interested in this particular model or just a fan of historical weaponry in general, this channel is definitely worth a closer look.

Malcolm Higgins

Malcolm Higgins is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE