Operation Candy Bomber: A Cooperative Board Game

Learn about WWII history and have fun at the same time!

Operation Candy Bomber is a history-based cooperative board game that offers a variety of ways to play and provides opportunity to learn about and partake in WWII history (1-4 players, Ages 8+, 45-60 minutes). It’s 1948, and World War II has left Germany divided between Ally and Soviet powers. Because Ally-controlled West Berlin is locked behind Soviet borders and cut off from all land transport, the people of the city must rely entirely on air support for all their supplies.

Play as a pilot in Operation Candy Bomber and work cooperatively with the other players to strategize how best to use each character’s strengths to fly missions in and out of West Berlin and help the people avoid starvation under the threat of Soviet control.

The game board is a map of West Berlin during the time of WWII. Each turn, the players draw a card to see which area of West Berlin eats their rations. It is up to the players (with a limited number of actions) to drop off rations or candy to the people and keep the areas fed while also completing specific operations, or missions. Candy will be taken at the same time as rations and when enough candy is taken, players get rewarded in the form of postcards.

Screenshot of the game
Screenshot of the game

While players are trying to keep the people alive, winter is slowly creeping in, making the game harder and harder. Eventually it becomes too cold and the planes can no longer take off, which will end the game unless players have completed the required number of operations, which are essentially missions. Players must complete a certain number of operations in order to win the game. The game difficulty can be increased by simply increasing the number of operations needed to complete before winter comes or the people starve.

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