Code Giveaway: The Legendary Fury Returns for another Round after World of Tanks Xbox 360 Success

5 codes value 50 € including Tiger & Fury

The Sherman Fury took the Xbox 360 battlefield by storm when it debuted to become one of the most successful packages in the game. Now, not only does this beast return, but so does its rival from the blockbuster film Fury, the Tiger 131. All World of Tanks console players will be able to add them to their collection from January 16 to February 6.

Tank and film aficionados will recognize the Sherman Fury from the Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, while history buffs know the Tiger 131 as the only operating Tiger tank left in the world. Fury’s ultimate rival in the film, the Tiger 131 had no problem sending its prey to the scrap heap on WWII battlefields.

These bruisers won’t be here forever, so players better be quick—who knows if they’ll return?

Although if you want to view and get up close to the tanks from the movie, you could visit The Tank Museum in Bovington England where they launched ‘Fury’ exhibition, sponsored by Wargaming, this exhibition looks at the Museum’s involvement in the making of the latest war film, starring Brad Pitt.

Situated in the World War Two hall, the exhibition tells the story of the Museum’s integral part in the making of David Ayer’s visionary war film, using props and images from the set, interviews with Museum staff and Fury itself – the Sherman M4A2E8. Visitors will be transported from the familiar surroundings of a cinema to the backdrop of a destroyed town at the end of the Second World War; similar to the sets used in the film. The exhibition has been supported by Wargaming and includes gaming stations, where visitors canplay World of Tanks and recreate battles fought in the film.

5 codes value 50 € including Tiger & Fury

The Museum first became involved in the Fury film at the end of 2013, when writer-director David Ayer reached out to the museum looking for expertise, crew and vehicles; in pursuit of making the film as historically accurate as possible.

Original Second World War vehicles were at the top of the list for Ayer and it was agreed that the Museum would loan its Sherman tank as the main ‘hero’ tank for the duration of the filming. After much discussion, the Museum also agreed to loan its world-renowned Tiger 131 tank, for a two week trip to the film set, with Museum staff crewing the vehicles and remaining on set in case of any problems.

The exhibition will give an insight into the issues faced by the Museum during this time; the difficult decisions that had to be made when working to protect the vehicles, what being involved might mean for the Museum’s reputation and what it was like for the staff on set.

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