Georgian Uprising and Subsequent Massacre on Texel – Western Europe’s Last Battle Of WWII

This was not the actual last battle in Europe, although I believe it is the last one in Western Europe. However, this story is a fascinating one and one I wasn’t aware of until recently.

The Georgian Uprising on Texel (5 April 1945 – 20 May 1945) was an insurrection by the 882nd Infantry Battalion Königin Tamara (Queen Tamar or Tamara) of the Georgian Legion of the German Army (Wehrmacht Heer) stationed on the German-occupied Dutch island of Texel (pronounced Tessel). The battalion was made up of 800 Georgians and 400 Germans, with mainly German officers.

For five years it was as idyllic as war could be. But for the last six weeks – extending beyond the official end of the Second World War – it was bloody carnage. Those who were once comrades in uniform suddenly took to butchering one another in a conflict that has come to be called Western Europe’s last battle.


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Dirk De Klein

Dirk De Klein is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE