95-year-old War Memorial Destroyed in Car Crash

Source: Twitter/Sammy_Selvage
Source: Twitter/Sammy_Selvage

A memorial in Shortlands, Bromley, South London was destroyed when a Mini hit it after a two-car crash.

At 10:20 am on Friday, two cars crashed into each other at the intersection of Kingswood Road and Church Road. One car smashed into the memorial, leaving only the plinth.

Pictures of the scene show one back wheel of the Mini still atop the plinth with the pieces of the memorial scattered around.

The memorial was for the lives lost in and since World War I. “To the glory of God and in proud memory of the men and women of Shortlands who gave their lives in two World Wars,” read the plaque on the memorial.

Another added, “Also remembered with grateful appreciation those who, since the Second World War, have given their lives in conflicts and peace-keeping missions throughout the world.”

The memorial was designed by W. Douglas Caroe and unveiled in 1921. The casualties of World War II were inscribed on the memorial later.

The Celtic cross was made from Leckhampton stone. It was inscribed with the words “Lift up your hearts”. It also had the dates of World War I in Roman Numerals.

The memorial was previously damaged in an air raid during World War II.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the crash. A 20-year-old woman was injured in the accident. Her condition is not considered life-threatening. No arrests have been made.

The London Fire Brigade was also on the scene.

Sammy Selvage works nearby. He said, “It’s a junction which the memorial splits into two sides so they must have launched into it and over.”

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE